Windows are an essential part of every home, unfortunately, at the same time they account for about 35-40% of the heat loss. With energy prices rising at an incredible rate and average temperature in winter falling noticeably over the years, it is the best time to replace your old single or double glazed windows with high performance triple glazed windows

  • Triple glazing provides significant improved acoustic insulation over a double glazed unit.
  • Triple glazing will provide significantly improved thermal insulation over a similarly specified double glazed unit.
  • Thermally efficient windows will result in the generation of less carbon emissions helping to arrest global warming.
  • Triple glazed windows using true warm edge spacer bar will significantly reduce cold downdraughts, cold spots and greatly improve living conditions and comfort.
  • Energy efficient triple glazing will reduce the amount of condensation apperaing on the inside of windows in cold climatic conditions.
  • Use of Q-Lon weatherseals improve acoustic and thermal performance over time. Typical 'rubber' type gaskets are prone to suffer from 'compression set' over a short period of time whereas Q-lon retains its shape long term, providing a good consistent seal reducing the possibility of air leakage and improving sound insulation. Q-lon seals are 'tack welded' at the corners providing a continuous seal and do not suffer from shrinkage.

Energy Saving Benefits of Triple Glazing

What Could You Save?

Every situation is different, but if we assume the property has 25 sq metre of glazing, and is heated with a boiler which is 80% efficient, the saving could be as much as 79% (€80 or £72) against a standard double glazed unit

* Based on an outside temperature of 5° C and an inside temperature of 21°C. With a heating cost of 16cent per KW